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Please take time out of your lives to read/reblog this! It’d mean so much to me!

My name is Zoe, and I am a high school student trying to raise money to go to Germany for an exchange program. In November, I heard about a full scholarship to go to Germany for an entire school year through the Congress-Bundestag scholarship. My family is in a really bad financial situation right now, but I spent hours and hours of research on it and finally decided to apply. We are not rich by any means, but my parents really supported me in my endeavors and paid the $75 dollar fee to send in the application, the fees for printing and scanning documents at the UPS store, and the $100 to get a passport — all of this BEFORE we even knew if I would be accepted or not. This was a bit of a stretch considering we have to wait certain days to get food and get haircuts and stuff.
You might be confused and wondering why I need any money at all. This was a full ride, right? Unfortunately, it costs A LOT just to live in a foreign place. Too much for my parents to afford alone. The recommended value per month is $300-$400 American dollars (and I have about two months to raise all of this! Noooo!). Since I’m going for a full school year (10 months), that can add up really, really quickly! I’m doing my best to fundraise with small businesses in my area, but I live in a small town where a lot of people are scraping by, as well.
You wouldn’t understand how much it means to me for you to donate even a dollar. If you can’t donate, that’s perfectly okay; all I need is for this post to get spread around! I’ve been dreaming about travelling outside of the world I know, and getting that acceptance message in first hour brought me to tears. I ran out of the classroom and called my mom, in tears, and she cried, too. This really means the world (literally!) to me, and you taking the time to read this, spread this, or donate…it’s really amazing. 
Thank you so, so, SO much if you spare even a glance at this. I’m not really a popular blog, so you just reading this makes all of the difference. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you’re supporting!

Here’s where you can donate:

If you donate even a dollar, I’d be appreciative to no end. There’s also a “gold level” that means if you donate fifty dollars, you get something personal in the mail that I picked out while I’m in Germany!

Thank you so much! Message me here on Tumblr or at the e-mail provided on that donation site and I will gladly talk to you.


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Eric Nam and SPICA’s Boa’s beautiful cover of Say Something

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